Exploring the digital business model of FuTureNFT in the secret realm of regenerative medicine


Aging, disease and death were once the inescapable nightmares of mankind. But the continuous evolution of medicine brings new hope for mankind to get rid of all these. Regenerative medicine, as a highly cutting-edge exploration in the medical field, has been commercially applied in several developed countries and in at least 80 therapeutic areas. Can we design an effective business model so that this advanced medicine, which is currently only enjoyed by a few people, benefits all mankind? FuTureNFT has explored a subversive digital business model for this purpose.

Regenerative medicine, known as the ship that leads mankind to immortality, has gone through a path of exploration from being denied to being universally recognized and popular since its birth. It is a highly cutting-edge emerging medical field. The mainstream route of regenerative medicine is stem cell therapy and tissue engineering, which can improve human lifespan and quality of life by replacing aging and damaged body structures, and even achieve immortality in the future. At present, the huge field of medical regeneration is booming with an annual growth rate of 237%, with the market size expected to exceed 60 billion US dollars by 2023.

Digital commerce, that is, a more decentralized and efficient business model in which consumers gain dominance, uses data as the means of production, and can effectively match transactions, reduce costs, and improve collaboration efficiency. The cutting-edge means of digital business are the application of blockchain technology, big data technology,AI,etc.FuTureNFT, combining regenerative medicine with digital business, is quickly becoming the stormy core of this medical business revolution today!

Digitization is the core of FuTureNFT's business model. It is based on the reality of the regenerative medicine market. The current research frontiers of regenerative medicine are mainly in a few developed countries such as the United States, France, and Germany, and the demand for regenerative medicine comes from countries around the world. Therefore, how to successfully match transactions and complete cross-border It has become a practical problem that urgently needs to be solved. Based on this blockchain token economic model, it has become a powerful tool for FuTureNFT.

The platform needs a stable settlement system to support the transaction settlement and payment system between merchants and patients. For this reason, we have launched the ECC token, and users who provide mining functions will receive certain ECC rewards. ECC tokens can be used to purchase NFTs in the FuTureNFT ecosystem.

FuTureNFT minted through smart contracts has the characteristics of irreplaceability, inseparability and uniqueness. Holders can conduct consumption verification at any cooperative treatment institution in the FuTureNFT community around the world, that is, an anonymous electronic voucher. FuTureNFT needs to be obtained through USDT and ECC on the official website

Through token incentives and subsidies, the ecology of FuTureNFT can not only effectively reduce the treatment difficulties faced in reality, but also promote the world's regenerative medicine research work and mass popularization. FuTureNFT will launch an economic policy stimulus of US$600 million in the first round in the future, so that it can gain a 10% market share in the world's medical regeneration field in 2023, and achieve economies of scale and platform bilateral effects. Let’s seize market opportunities together and welcome the arrival of the medical regeneration market with 100 billion market value!

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