Small Character Inkjet Printer Works on Plastic Packaging


The widespread use of plastics in the production and processing industry has also driven the development of inkjet printers. Today's inkjet plastics mainly include PVC, PET and PE, which are also the main materials for packaging of food, daily necessities, and cosmetics. Packaging is very important for products, and packaging materials require that the coding effect is not only clear, but also beautiful.  

Because the printer does not touch the surface of the product during the coding process, the printer can perform the task well, whether it is a regular or irregular surface, whether it is a round, square or uneven surface. What are the advantages of inkjet printers?  

1. Quick drying. The production speed of the production line is constantly increasing, which requires the cooperation of fast-drying ink. For example, in the processing and production of cigarette packs, the ink dries immediately after being sprayed onto the surface of the product, and at the same time, it is firmly attached to the surface of the product and will not be transferred to other positions and stain the surface of the object, which can ensure that the identification of each printed products is clear, complete and easy to distinguish, does not affect the entire production process, and effectively reduces downtime.  

2. Anti-counterfeiting. The anti-counterfeiting function of products is more and more valued by merchants. As the carrier of product identification, ink also undertakes this important task. A UV-visible anti-counterfeiting ink on the market has good anti-counterfeiting properties. This ink does not show under normal light, it is only visible under UV light.  

3. Environmental protection. Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances, which will produce more chemical toxic residues and pollute the environment. Especially for food packaging, the environmental protection of ink is more important, and its chemical composition and odor may penetrate into the food through the film and packaging, endangering human health. Inkjet printer equipment suppliers pay great attention to the development of environmentally friendly inks.  


The stability and reliability of inkjet printer equipment will be an important trend in future technological development. The speed of plastic product production lines is increasing day by day, and the market for inkjet printer products with fast printing performance is undoubtedly broader.    

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