Politician ,global politicians support the charitable cryptocurrency project


Recently, a project called Politician took the crypto primary market by storm. Politician (PTC project for short) is a smart chain project based on Binance. The vision is to create a charitable encryption project with the theme of global peace with global investors as the background. Politician is essentially the process of virtualizing and digitizing real global core government resources, which is also based on the fact that the project itself has a large number of global politician resources as the cornerstone, as well as breaking the marketing method of traditional encryption projects, aiming to create a virtual politician IP based on the encryption market. It enriches the IP image of the project itself through the accessibility of global politicians and the animation of politicians, and extends the industrial chain of NFT, somatosensory characters and related peripheral products respectively. Use professional marketing and publicity tools to promote IP online and offline, along with cryptocurrencies, NFTs and politicians themselves.

The vision of PTC is based on the problem of barriers to public participation in the peaceful development of the real world, and the difficulty in tracing donations for charitable fundraising. Based on blockchain technology, it forms a unique conceptual and resource-based approach to the crypto market and project. PTC's charitable projects supported by global politicians make up for the current circulation problems in the encrypted market, and break the existing barriers of cryptocurrencies isolated from the real world by means of rare promotion channels, aiming to create a new generation of encrypted projects with realistic support, so that every user who pays attention to the PTC project feels the charm of cryptocurrency. We can predict that Politician is enough to lead the crypto project of a new generation of marketing model.

At present, encrypted digital products emerge in an endless stream. It is understood that some investment institutions rooted in the encryption field have paid attention to the development of Politician. With the unique marketing route and empowerment of the crypto market, it will inevitably attract a lot of attention.

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