Energy China Holds Open Day Events at its “New Green Landmark” Super Projects


The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" Initiative (BRI). As one of the first explorers and pioneers for Chinese enterprises to “go global”, China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.(Energy China) has constructed many new energy “super projects” overseas, doing great work to help preserve the blue planet. Bespeaking its commitment to the BRI, Energy China organized 13 open day events for some key BRI projects in seven months since March 2023, involving 12 countries.

Energy China invited the local mainstream media in the Philippines to the open day at the Kaliwa Dam Project this year to showcase the significance of this "New Centennial Water Source Project". This project is expected to supply 2.4 million tons of clean water every day to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which will help resolve the water shortage problem for the locals.

The ceremony for temporary diversion for the Caculo-Cabaca Hydropower Station Project in Angola, undertaken by Energy China, was held on May 20, marking the beginning of the main construction phase of the hydroelectric project. Angolan President João Lourenço attended the ceremony and highlighted the partnerships between Angola and Energy China in promoting energy and power development in Angola. The Caculo-Cabaca Hydropower Station will become Angola's largest hydroelectric plant. On completion, it is projected to generate an average of 856.6 gigawatt-hours of electricity a year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 7.2 million tons annually. It will put a great impetus to the sustainable development of the local economy and society.

On August 8, the Sistema Produtor São Lourenço S.A. in Brazil, invested and undertaken by Energy China, celebrated the fifth anniversary of its commercial operation. Over the past years, the project has supplied nearly 600 million tons of drinking water to the people in the state of São Paulo. On November 6, the Samarkand 7500TPD Clinker Cement Production Line in Uzbekistan, the largest and fastest-built plant in Central Asia invested by Energy China, was put into operation. It will continue to drive local employment and help improve economic and social development and people's livelihood.

The Kirchner-Cepernic Hydropower Station, the largest water conservancy project in Argentina and the world's southernmost hydroelectric dam welcomed a delegation from the Argentine Chamber of Construction. The delegation spoke highly of the combined efforts of the project owner and the contractor Energy China in improving the country's energy infrastructure. Once finished, the average annual power generation of the project will reach 4.95 billion kilowatt-hours, covering the daily electricity consumption of 1.5 million Argentine households.

In the "Green Open Day" event, the Turkey Hunutlu Power Plant Project Department of Energy China invited families of its Turkish employees to visit the construction site. As the first chimney-free power station in Turkey, the plant can supply 9bn kWh of electricity to more than 4 million Turkish people annually, providing more than 1,500 jobs for the locals.

This year, Energy China organized a slew of live streaming on its new energy "super projects", inviting internet celebrities from China and other countries to visit the project site, digging deeper into the green charm of BRI countries. In the live broadcast of the the Uzbekistan Bukhara Wind Power Project, the largest of its kind in Central Asia, Energy China invited the most-followed local social media star Bekhruz Mukhtorov to explain how the 84-meter-long wind turbine blades, the "longest cargo" ever, were transported 5,200 kilometers from its original country China to Central Asia.

On the first National Ecology Day of China, the host, Iegor Shyshov, went live with the world's largest demonstration project for the integrated solution of power supply, power grid, power load, and energy storage – the Ulanqab New Generation Grid-friendly Green Power Station Demonstration Project in Inner Mongolia, China. This show presented global netizens with the whole process of lifting the 150-ton wind turbine to a height of 150 meters. The netizens were amazed by the close independence between green technology and natural ecology. In the Xinjiang Hami 50 MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project, one of the solar-thermal power demonstration plants of China, the slow live show of the project also displayed the shocking beauty of the desert. These live streams got ordinary people to know a variety of new energy such as wind, photovoltaic, and solar thermal power generation and energy storage. The people could also have a glimpse into these fully demonstrated Chinese enterprises’ efforts to promote scientific and technological advances in energy and their plans to pursue green and low-carbon transformation around the world.

Other open house events held by Energy China at its overseas sites include the 60 MW floating solar plant on the Tangeh reservoir in Singapore, the Syr-Darya GTCC power plant turbine project in Uzbekistan, the new plant of the 2×350MW Barru-1 power station in Indonesia, and the BOT project of the Hai Duong 2×600MW power station in Vietnam. Local government officials, business partners, and mainstream media were invited to the events to witness Energy China's delivery of renewable energy “super projects” across borders.


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