• RRT.CC releases its latest financial report: revenue reaches $430 million, a year-on-year increase of 43%

    According to reliable sources, RRT.CC has publicly released its 2023 financial report, revealing a revenue of $430 million, a 43% year-on-year increase. Furthermore, they plan to introduce an AI reverse scoring product in 2024, aiming for qualitative advancement.
  • Spectacular views of starry skies, glowing snow-capped peaks at Meili Snow Mountain

    Breathtaking views of starry skies before sunrise and snow-capped mountain peaks illuminated by a golden sunrise at Meili Snow Mountain in Deqin county, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwest China's Yunnan Province never fail to amaze visitors.
  • Young people embrace traditional Chinese opera thanks to inheritance efforts

    Traditional Chinese operas, often seen as a pastime for older generations, are gaining popularity as the boundaries of this art form expand, opening up new possibilities.
  • Women of All Ethnic Groups Contributing to the Societal Development of Xinjiang

    Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, there has been a significant focus on achieving equality and liberation for women through labor force participation, according to an article by Xia Qing from the Institute for Communication and Borderland Governance, Jinan University. The author emphasized the constitutional inclusion of principles like “gender equality” and “protection of women’s labor rights”.
  • "Next China" is still China

    A wave of executives from prominent foreign companies have been visiting China since the start of the year, seeking opportunities to expand their cooperation with partners in the country. With tangible actions, they have demonstrated confidence in the Chinese market. Their engagement underscores China’s enduring magnetic appeal to international investors.
  • '5G plus industrial internet' spurs high-quality development of navel orange industry in China's Jiangxi

    Employees were screening and packaging fresh navel oranges on the "5G plus industrial internet" sorting and packaging production line at the “smart” workshop of a navel orange processing company in the high-tech industrial park of Xinfeng county, Ganzhou city, east China's Jiangxi Province on Nov. 25.
  • Amplifying Advertiser Exposure: TTH Enhances ASO Optimization Capabilities

    In the era of digital advancements, numerous opportunities are arising. However, along with these opportunities, many companies are also encountering various challenges. Within the business realm, there is a growing complexity in mobile phone usage scenarios, rapidly evolving iterations of various apps, and an increasing level of functional redundancy. Consequently, the desire for innovation is diminishing. With the declining overall user experience being an undeniable reality, it is becoming increasingly arduous for enterprises and developers to acquire and retain users, as well as generate t
  • Building Bridges Beyond Borders: Success of the 2023 'ChuangxiangChina' Anhui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Europe

    The Semi-finals of the 2023 "Chuangxiang China" Anhui Province Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition European Division were successfully held in Paris, France on November 20. Representatives from the Anhui Provincial Investment Group and Hefei High-tech Zone, including Wang Shijie, Deputy General Manager of Anhui Investment Group and Chairman of Anhui Railway Investment Company; Lu Ping, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hefei High-tech Zone; Xu Yong, Director of the Investment Bureau of Hefei High-tech Zone; Dong Jianbo, Director of the Community Innovation Management C
  • The 5th World Science and Technology Development Forum Opens in Shenzhen

    On the November 24, the 5th World Science and Technology Development Forum (WSTDF) opened in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, Wan Gang, Deputy Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee attended the main forum and delivered a speech.
  • Energy China Holds Open Day Events at its “New Green Landmark” Super Projects

    The year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the "Belt and Road" Initiative (BRI). As one of the first explorers and pioneers for Chinese enterprises to “go global”, China Energy Engineering Group Co., Ltd.(Energy China) has constructed many new energy “super projects” overseas, doing great work to help preserve the blue planet. Bespeaking its commitment to the BRI, Energy China organized 13 open day events for some key BRI projects in seven months since March 2023, involving 12 countries.


A Tour Around Beijing for A Happy Chinese New Year|2023 Overseas “Happy Chinese New Year” Online Gala Invites International Friends to Come Around


The 2023 Overseas “Happy Chinese New Year” Online Gala is sponsored by People's Government of Beijing Municipality, City of Helsinki, and embassies of China in Finland, Estonia, Greece, Belgium and Canada. The event is organized by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and Culture and Leisure Division of City of Helsinki, and produced and delivered by Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center, China Cultural Center in Athens, and Cultural Centre Caisa of City of Helsinki.

图片包含 室内, 桌子, 人们, 走


2023 marks the 17th consecutive year of Beijing "Happy Chinese New Year" in Finland, the 14th consecutive year in Estonia, the 7th in Greece and the 3rd in Canada and Belgium. "Happy Chinese New Year" has established itself among the influential large-scale celebrations in the capitals of Finland, Estonia and Greece, and has won great popularity and wide acclaim among audiences in Belgium and Canada. In these places, it has become a localized signature event driven by market forces.


The 2023 Overseas “Happy Chinese New Year” Online Gala will invite friends from Finland, Estonia, Greece, Belgium and Canada, who are currently living in Beijing, for full participation in the whole process of the event. They will experience Chinese culture, and Beijing's fashionable lifestyle, as they tour the city to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Fascinating shows such as cultural performances, intangible cultural heritage and folk customs, and tourism promotion will also be live-streamed, as the international friends "tour Beijing".


During the Spring Festival of the Guimao Year of the Rabbit, the online gala will kick off on TV stations, online media and social media in Finland, Estonia, Greece, Belgium and Canada, and will be launched simultaneously on Chinese and foreign platforms such as BRTV and Visit Beijing.


"Touring Beijing" for an immersive experience of the Chinese New Year

Revolving around the theme of "Touring Beijing—Most Beijing-style", the online gala has selected four "most Beijing-style" routes, namely, "The Most Beautiful Central Axis of Beijing", "The Most Beijing-style Leisure Places", "The Most Beijing-style Cultural Street" and "The Best Beijing Food". All these immersive experiences reveal the profound Chinese traditional culture and the fashionable lifestyles of Beijing as an international metropolis.

Cultural performances: blending excellent traditional culture and modernity for high-quality international exchanges

Four premium cultural performances will also be aired live, in a variety of art forms such as music, dance, and martial arts. Keeping the traditions of "Happy Chinese New Year" alive, this year's cultural program will feature even more diverse programs with a greater focus on aesthetic experience. The selected performances focus on presenting both Chinese excellent traditional culture and the contemporary art and spirit of Beijing.


Leave the door open! In 2023, Beijing invites international friends to come around

The event invites Chinese and foreign friends to Beijing Overseas Cultural Exchanges Center for a happy gathering. With even more immersive experiences for the audience, and popular video contents, the event this year will tell China’s story from an international perspective, and showcase the charms Beijing as an ancient capital with unique traditions and customs, as well as a culture of innovation, thus giving life to the concept of "joy, harmony, sharing and blessings" of the "Happy Chinese New Year".


Overseas Chinese New Year parades and onsite celebrations make a comeback with strengthened cultural exchanges for ever closer people-to-people bonds
"Happy Chinese New Year—China-Hellas Young Musicians Concert" was held in the Concert Hall of Athens Conservatory of Music on January 14th, with more than 600 audiences present. Fifteen artists from China and Greece performed on the same stage. Aside from classical Western musical instruments such as piano and violin, the concert also featured traditional national musical instruments of the two countries such as guzheng, yangqin, erhu and lyre, as well as many collaborative music pieces. The cooperation with Athens National Orchestra and Athens Conservatory of Music has added artistic appeal to the concert, making it a particularly enjoyable one with splendid performances and warm atmosphere throughout.


In his speech, Chinese ambassador to Greece Xiao Junzheng commended the event for its effort to promote people-to-people exchanges through music, as it showcases the beauty of harmony between the two ancient civilizations and the achievements of mutual learning between them. He expressed hope for building even more exchange and cooperation platforms, starting with this concert, between music groups and young music lovers of the two countries, so that they may cement friendship, enhance understanding and engage in long-term cooperation. Nikos Athenaios, artistic director of Athens Conservatory of Music, said that the concert showed the unique characteristics of Eastern and Western music cultures, and hoped that China-Hellas Young Musicians Concert would continue to be held.


In Finland’s capital Helsinki, a Chinese New Year parade will also be organized in the central commercial street on New Year's Eve (January 21, 2023). Composed of local artists, the performing team will present dragon and lion dances and fireworks displays. Various Spring Festival activities will take place in a number of cultural centers, such as ice sculpture exhibition, ink painting experience, paper-folding workshop and film screening. Mikko Puustinen, chairman of Finland-China Society, expressed his expectations and good wishes for this event: "The Year of the Rabbit brings new hope. The Chinese people and the people of the world share the same aspirations. Let’s welcome the new year with optimism and ardent expectations."

Photo exhibition of emerging culture & tourism destinations of Beijing, inbound tourism promotion project and exhibition of Chinese zodiac cultural and creative products also made a tour to Athens and Tallinn, the capitals of Greece and Estonia respectively.


In addition, the event has created more than 1,000 Spring Festival cultural and creative gifts such as hand warmers, mobile phone stands and luggage tags specially for Finland and Greece. The "Beijing New Discovery" brochure, which promotes the emerging culture & tourism destinations of Beijing, will be distributed to local citizens during the offline activities.

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