(1)JSCJ SOT-23 V2.0 S8050 Transistor (2)JSCJ SOT-23V2 MMBT4401 Transistor (3)JSCJ SOT-89-3L V2 KTC4377 Transistor (4)JSCJ SOT-89-3L-V29 -2SC1766 transistor


Metal oxide semiconductor field effect (MOS) transistors can be divided into two categories: N-channel and P-channel. P-channel silicon MOS field effect transistors have two P+ regions on an N-type silicon substrate, called source and Drain, there is no conduction between the two electrodes, when a sufficient positive voltage is applied to the gate (source is grounded), the N-type silicon surface under the gate presents a P-type inversion layer, which becomes the channel connecting the source and drain. . "Using the characteristics of semiconductors, each tube works differently. 1. For example: S refers to the source (Source), D refers to the drain (Drain), and G refers to the gate (Gate). The working principle of a transistor is actually It is very simple to use two states to represent binary "0" and "1". 2. Semiconductor refers to materials whose electrical conductivity is between conductors and insulators at room temperature. 3. Insulators are also called dielectrics."

A transistor is a solid-state semiconductor device (including diodes, triodes, field effect transistors, thyristors, etc., sometimes referred to as bipolar devices), with functions such as detection, rectification, amplification, switching, voltage regulation, and signal modulation. The transistor acts as a variable current switch that can control the output current based on the input voltage. Different from ordinary mechanical switches, transistors use electrical signals to control their own opening and closing, so the switching speed can be very fast, and the switching speed in the laboratory can reach more than 100GHz. PMOS integrated circuit is a device suitable for applications in low-speed and low-frequency fields. The PMOS integrated circuit is powered by -24V voltage. The CMOS-PMOS interface circuit shown in Figure 1 uses two power supplies. Using the direct interface method, generally the power supply voltage of CMOS can be selected at 10-12V to meet the requirements of PMOS for the input level.
The MOS field effect transistor has a high input impedance, which is convenient for direct coupling in the circuit, and it is easy to make a large-scale integrated circuit.


Chengdu Jiachengxin Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in November 2002. The company has accumulated many years of market management experience, adhering to the business philosophy of high quality, high efficiency, integrity and thoughtfulness, and wholeheartedly provide our customers with comprehensive and satisfactory services. The company's customers are in civil, industrial, communication, finance, security, industrial control and other industries and are well received by customers in the industry!
The company always adheres to the guiding ideology of "taking science and technology as the guide, seeking survival by quality, seeking market by reputation, and obtaining benefits by management". Cooperate with friends in the industry to create brilliant!
Agent management: original imported and domestic integrated circuits; agent of Changjing Technology series II and transistors; Fenghua Hi-Tech's full range of SMD and DIP electronic components; Shanghai MIC series transistors; Shandong Huamao Group series crystal oscillators; Shenzhen Shuokai full range of protection Components; Anhui Shuanghuan Group's full range: power inductors, precision resistors, transformers and other products; Guangzhou Aipu Electronics: DC/DC AC/DC module power supply.
In order to better provide more comprehensive services for our customers, the company established a SMT electronic product welding and assembly production line in 2008 to undertake external electronic product welding and assembly processing business. In the same year, it obtained ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification.
Main equipment: ip800 automatic solder paste printing machine, YS12, YG12F, YV100Xg placement machine, BGA welding rework workbench, AOI full visual optical inspection and other world advanced SMT production equipment.
Yongzhi corporate culture: carry forward team spirit, establish corporate image, strengthen quality awareness, and have the courage to develop and innovate
Yongzhi business philosophy: to provide customers with high-quality products and star service
Yongzhi's corporate vision: to create a high-quality brand in the industry
The purpose of Yongzhi enterprise: to build a first-class enterprise, to provide high-quality products and services, and to build a famous brand in the industry
Yongzhi Values: Integrity and dedication, courage to undertake, cooperation and innovation, excellence,
Yongzhi management philosophy: work together for mutual benefit and win-win


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